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The best guarantee for not becoming a victim of violence is to not trust the unknown men, or men with strange behavior.  Suspiciousness is a peculiar self-protective “instinct”, which sometimes forces the person to reconsider the initial intention. It is necessary to apply a self-defense method only in cases, when you can expect other people’s help.  The attack could be prevented by unexpectedly throwing some items into the offender: a purse, a bunch of keys, etc.  If you notice, that you are chased, try to change the path, and prefer your known routes and crowded streets.
- At late hours, if you go out somewhere, ask somebody, if possible, to escort or meet you.
- At late hours make dates only in crowded and illuminated places.
- Going for a walk at late hours, put on an outfit, that wouldn’t limit your movements, your outfit shouldn’t attract wild fanatic’s attention.  For those having long hair it is advisable to gather your hair, as the hair, as well as necklaces, may be used as a “tool” during the offender’s attack.  Try not to busy your hands with purses.
- During the attack the resistance on the side of a woman sometimes irritates the attacker.  It is more desirable for a woman to start a “psychological attack”, since it is difficult for her to apply physical power, equal to man’s.  It is advisable to win time at any price, for example offering the attacker to go to some place, have something to drink, to talk; this tactics may provide an opportunity to move the attacker into a crowded place. More cautiousness should be demonstrated, when the attacker is armed.  If the woman panics, cries and shouts, the criminal can turn to more dangerous actions.
- Sometimes women that were subject to violence do not apply to the law enforcement authority due to shame or other reasons, thus creating an illusion of impunity for the criminal, which provides grounds for committing new crimes.